Why the Risk and Resilience HUB?

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Decrease Risk. Increase Resilience.

The Risk and Resilience Hub is a digital platform leveraged to bring together the silos of BC, EM, DR, GRC and ERM to build resilient organizations and communities in the private and public sectors. The vibrant ecosystem is not simply a web site but rather a global hub for professionals to connect and collaborate.

More than the Sum of the Parts: The HUB’s uniqueness is not to be found in one feature but rather in the combination of four key areas – a knowledge center, five directories, a Facebook-type community and a spotlight on prominent industry organizations.

It has been a 3-year journey and finally, it’s time for “show and tell”. Along the way, many challenges in the trenches have reminded us that resilience is about vision and perseverance. While we would love to unveil a perfect platform, instead we offer you an ecosystem that is in process and that will be shaped by the industry that we care deeply about. Tell us what you think – what works and what doesn’t. It all matters. And by all means, if you have something to add…let us know!

The HUB is a work in progress. With your help, the best is yet to come!

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