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From Protiviti

Sharpening the Focus on CyberSecurity: Insights from Active Corporate Directors

Much has been written, and important insights shared, on cybersecurity. The threat landscape continues to evolve, and the topic remains significant in the boardroom. But is there anything new to talk about?  To gain fresh perspectives on cybersecurity, an important area of board oversight, Protiviti met with 20 active directors to discuss their experiences.

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From the Business Continuity Institute

BCI Cyber Resilience Report

The best way to protect organizations from one of the greatest threats of our times is to invest in people and preparedness. This report has become an important resource for the business continuity and resilience industry because it helps professionals formulate their cyber resilience strategy and raise awareness across the organization. Business continuity remains key to building cyber resilience. The vast majority of respondents (85%) report that their organizations have business continuity arrangements in place to deal with cyber disruptions.

Download the Cyber Resilience Report

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