Special Report on the Humanitarian Disaster in Ukraine

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Special Report on the Humanitarian Disaster in Ukraine

It is difficult to do “business as usual” during this time when 24/7 we see people suffering greatly and a major humanitarian disaster is unfolding in Ukraine. This edition of the Continuity eGUIDE will spotlight stories that tell us more about impacts to people. We will not address political or military concerns; rather we will share perspectives, needs and provisions happening on the ground. The lead story will document how one family reached Warsaw after traveling from Ukraine’s capital. They were among the lucky ones.

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In the Know...

What It’s Like for Civilians on the Front Lines

The mission of the Risk and Resilience HUB is to consolidate and communicate information related to disaster response/recovery, crisis/emergency management, and business continuity. During times of disaster we must ask, “What do we need to learn and apply to better our organizations and communities? And, more importantly, what can we do to help in this current crisis?” As we began our research, we were given the names of trustworthy news sites in Ukraine where we could learn more about the humanitarian disaster unfolding. It was through these sources that we discovered important stories – about those staying and those evacuating. We are reminded of the basics for survival – safety, security, food, water, power, heat, and communications.

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Out of Place: The war in Ukraine is expected to result in over four million refugees in the coming months

An additional 12 million are expected to be displaced internally, and will require humanitarian assistance.

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Sending Aid: While donations of cash and supplies for support of Ukraine have been large, there are challenges in getting it to those who need it

Attacks on cities and supply lines are making it difficult for international organizations to deliver assistance.

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Lend A Helping Hand: Experts offer their recommendations on the best ways to assist in the Ukraine relief effort

Cash contributions remain critical in any humanitarian relief effort, due to its flexibility.

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Statements on the Disaster: International humanitarian organizations offer words on groups affected by the war, and the actions that they’re taking to help

Aid groups are attempting to position themselves to best help those who require immediate and long-term assistance.

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The Health of a Nation: Ukraine’s health care system finds itself operating under unprecedented pressure and threats

With both medical sites and supply lines under fire, health care practitioners are struggling to provide services.

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Long Distance Calls: Canadian doctors work to provide training videos for Ukrainian medical practitioners

These videos seek to focus on trauma care under wartime conditions.

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