Building Emotional Resilience for Crisis Situations

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When your organization is staring down an emergency, it’s past time for planning. But planning for an emergency is one of the hardest objectives safety leaders are tasked with. It requires creativity, foresight, and unmatched organizational skills.

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Building Emotional Resilience for Crisis Situations

Many organizations face challenges when it comes to applying creating emotional resilience for crisis situations. Some may believe having a disaster response plan is enough, but there’s a human aspect that doesn’t seem to get enough attention. The video series, “Preparing for the Unexpected”, features Dr. Liz Royle who sheds light on what’s missing and how we can address it. She provides insight into how we can create emotional resilience by creating and utilizing some innovative human recovery processes during crisis situations.

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C-Suite’s 2023 Outlook on Preparedness

Check out this webinar now “on demand”. The C-Suite Outlook is The Conference Board’s flagship survey of over 1100 CEOs and C-suite executives spanning the globe. Learn what keeps them up at night and how they are thriving amid challenging times. Benchmark your own firm’s performance against the survey’s key findings. Discover what is top of mind in 2023 for CEOs of the world’s largest companies Learn about the burning external and internal challenges firms are facing Explore CEOs views on sustainability and the green transition Understand how a focus on talent, digital transformation, and finding new lines of business are pivotal to achieving corporate objectives Find out if CEOs are ready for the next big thing and if they are prepared: from nuclear war to climate events to managing stakeholders.

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Chatting it Up: ChatGPT looks to be both an aid and a threat to cybersecurity

Its abilities to generate code offer the potential to both lower barriers for entry into cybersecurity and boost automation of processes.

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Consider the Options: There’s no single thing that will stop all cybersecurity attacks, so a range of actions needs to be considered

From bringing in staff who have experience with both victories and defeats, to freeing up time by automating patching processes, there are lots of ways to improve protection against breaches.

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Dangers at Home: Risks from remote works are expanding the threats to which businesses are exposed

Planning needs to consider not only disasters around offices, but wherever employees may be located.

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Best to Test: Disaster recover plans are only as good as their testing

When testing those plans, it’s also importance to consider the coverage of your test scenarios.

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Getting Together: Grouping dispatchers for police, fire, and emergency medical services together could help improve emergency response times

A recent review by Alberta Heath Services found the separation of EMS dispatch from fire and police has resulted in communication issues between the two sites.

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Continuous Updates: Business continuity plans require constant reinvention to keep apace with new threats and challenges

Despite this, a recent survey in Germany found that only one-third of respondents were investing in updating their plans.

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Office Kit on Wheels 20 Person

This kit is packed in a container on wheels with a locking mechanism and will assist in meeting most needs of survival, food, medical, sanitation, light, warmth and communication.

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Come to Austin for DRI2023 February 26 - March 1, 2023

DRI2023 addresses the topics business continuity management (BCM) professionals care about most and provides a first-rate educational experience that informs and inspires.

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CONTINUITY INSIGHT CONFERENCE April 24-26 Minneapolis 15 New! Operational Resilience Track

Operational Resilience is more than a new set of regulations affecting companies around the globe. It is more than putting multiple disciplines under the same umbrella. Resilience is a new way of approaching the promise of continuous supply of products and services to communities who want them. Our panel will answer the questions attendees ponder most.

Ensuring Your Third Parties Can Deliver
Learn how to get the answers you seek, measure preparedness, and ensure your third parties are compliant at the start of your engagement to mitigate this growing problem. Your customers are counting on this.
Reporting Operational Resilience to Directors and Senior Executives
Understand the essential tools and techniques used to measure operational resilience, and the various reporting examples that can be used as a guide for communicating operational resilience assessments to senior leaders.
Operational Resilience – Focusing on What’s Most Important
This session will discuss how to reset your program scope based on your organization’s most “important business services” and how to establish impact tolerance to clarify expectations regarding resilience.
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