Why Cybersecurity and Physical Security Need to Work Together

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5 Questions to Ask When Building Your Organizational Resilience Strategy

Organizational resilience is more than a business catchphrase – it’s the ability to effectively respond to threats and continue delivering on your promise to employees, customers and stakeholders. It is also everyone’s responsibility.

Are you asking the right questions on your journey to becoming a resilient organization? Also, learn ways to protect your people, places and property while on the road to success.

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Why Cybersecurity and Physical Security Need to Work Together

The convergence of cybersecurity and traditional physical security has never been simple, mostly because the skill sets necessary for each discipline are so different. CISOs tend to come from the IT side of the organization while CSOs are often either from the security side, former law enforcement, or former military. It can be hard to find a leader with both the technical skills and the physical security mindset needed to bring the two together. Proven security services leader Michael Martin shares insights on how to address the physical security risk to cyber networks.

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The Cyber Resilience Index: Advancing Organizational Cyber Resilience

The World Economic Forum’s Global Cybersecurity Outlook 2022 report found that only 19% of cyber leaders feel confident that their organizations are cyber resilient, indicating that a large majority knows their organizations lack the cyber resilience they need to be commensurate with their risk. The global Cyber Resilience Index (CRI) was developed to provide public- and private-sector cyber leaders with a common framework of best practice for true cyber resilience, a mechanism to measure organizational performance, and clear language to communicate value. The index aims to create more cyber-resilient digital networks. Read more to gain insights from the 29-page white paper.

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Think Local: An update to the NOAA’s Billion Dollar Disasters mapping tool brings in the ability to look at U.S. census tract data

This new feature allows people to check how exposed their communities are to risk from climate and weather hazards.

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Playing Defense: Why current cybersecurity strategies are making it too easy for attackers

Increasingly, we need to assume exclusion by default, rather than inclusion.

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After Shocks: The effects of a natural disaster on young children can be long lasting

Disruptions of routines, and stress in parents and surrounding adults can greatly shape how kids react to threats.

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A Universal Language: In order to better communicate with the executive suite, cybersecurity leaders need to use terms they’ll understand

Too often, cybersecurity can technical jargon, leaving business leaders lacking awareness of the importance of cybersecurity issues.

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A Cup of Trouble:  911 providers complain of nuisance calls caused by stuffing phones into cup holders

 For iPhones, pressing both side buttons at the same time can launch an emergency SOS call.

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Working Together: Teamwork and industry partnerships can add robustness to your cybersecurity plans

By working to share expertise internally and externally, organizations can reap benefits to their resiliency.

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Annual Resilience Congress

October 4th. London. Held by the Resilience Association, it will focus on “thought leadership” in relation to “Organisational Resilience”, exploring learning points from case studies, issues affecting people & organizations, and research & findings.

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nsights from McKinsey & Company: How to build resilience and growth beyond disruption

With inflation at its highest levels since the 1970s, central banks aggressively raising rates, and consumer sentiment at record lows, fears of an economic slump persist. What actions can organizations take now to withstand shock and future uncertainties? Check out these insights for the latest on inflation and the global economy—and dive into how to build resilience in the face of adversity.

  • How inflation is flipping the economic scripts
  • Global Economics Intelligence executive summary
  • Resilience for sustainable, inclusive growth
  • From risk management to strategic resilience
  • The role of the board in preparing for extraordinary risk
  • Three keys to a resilient postpandemic recovery
  • Financial institutions and nonfinancial risk: How corporates build resilience
  • Model risk management 2.0 evolves to address continued uncertainty of risk-related events
  • The resilience imperative: Succeeding in uncertain times
  • NatWest Chairman Sir Howard Davies on operational resilience in banking

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