Square Pegs Don’t Fit in Round Holes - ERM and Company Misalignment

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How Critical Communications Technology Keeps Your Staff Safe

If there was an active shooter in one of your locations, how would you alert your staff to keep them safe? When lives are in danger, alerts need to be delivered in a matter of minutes, not hours. Foot Locker has implemented a critical communications system that enables initiators to immediately send silent alerts to staff in a crisis such as a shooting. The messages rapidly advise employees to avoid the area or go on lockdown without tipping off the intruder.

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Square Pegs Don’t Fit in Round Holes - ERM and Company Misalignment

When organizations embark on the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) journey, one of the first (…and biggest) mistakes they make is to simply cut and paste one of the common risk management standards or frameworks and think it will meet their needs. It’s understandable – after all, there’s a strong temptation to get ERM up and running as a quickly as possible for a variety of reasons. Carol Williams explains that an ERM framework is not one-size-fits-all.

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Disasters Aren't Political, It's Emergency Management That Is

As we pass 1M U.S. COVID be deaths, emergency and risk management global thought leader, Damon Coppola, reflects on the common adage that ‘all disasters are political’. But, he doesn’t believe this to an accurate statement. Rather, it’s the emergency management function, and thus the pre- and post-disaster treatment of those disasters, that is political. Damon admits that the distinction may rub some the wrong way because so few EM professionals consider themselves politically motivated.

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A Safe Visit: British Columbia announces a new tourism emergency management framework

This new framework seeks to address aspects of mitigation, preparation, response, and recovery.

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Backing Up: Increasingly, cyber security needs to emphasize the importance of recovery

As ransomware attacks continue to remain a common threat, an emphasis needs to be placed on proper backups, and the ability to rapidly restore data.

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Learning from Experience: Taking stock of the damage caused by monsoons and flash flooding in recent years, Goa has revamped its disaster response approach

Changes include a detailed disaster response place, clearly specified responsibilities, and improved mapping of areas vulnerable to floods and landslides.

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Thorough Testing: A penetration tester has accidentally caused considerable alarm at multiple security firms

The tests, performed by Code White, which were designed to be as realistic as possible, have drawn some criticism.

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Helping Hands: New Zealand emergency responders look to learn the basics of sign language

Deaf individuals often face challenges getting critical information in emergency situations.

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Short Supply: Companies need to be aware of threats to their supply chains

Attacks like SolarWinds have shown the vulnerability most companies have within their chosen software.

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Office Kit on Wheels 20 Person

This deluxe kit is packed in a yellow 50 gallon container on wheels with a locking mechanism and will assist in meeting most needs of survival, food, medical, sanitation, light, warmth and communication for up to 20 persons. Your staff will thank you.

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Save the Date! IAEM Annual Conference

The 2022 IAEM Annual Conference & EMEX Expo - 'Emergency Management Unmuted' - will take place on November 11 - 17, in Savannah, Georgia. Visit www.iaem.org/usconf for more information.

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DRI International’s Resilience Excellence Summit, held May 2-4, 2022, is now available online. Each day’s events including educational sessions and a few words from the Awards of Excellence winners are now available to view in full here.

Each day over two hours, the DRI Resilience Excellence Summit presented in-depth online presentations on hot topics like Ukraine, supply chain, and cyber resilience and highlighted award recipients.

See the highlights of DRI Resilience Summit

Summit Day 1
From Creation to Culmination – How Delta Dental Built an Entire BR Program in 18 Months During a Global Pandemic Presentation by Raelene Anderson and Bobby Cook, Delta Dental of California

Summit – Day 2
So, You Have a Mature, Established Program, Now What? Presentation by Robyn Kimbro, MBCP, CCRP, Sr. Manager, Enterprise Business Continuity, Walmart, Inc.

Summit – Day 3
It’s Not All Netflix and Chill: An Interview with Netflix’ Scott Baldwin, Head of Enterprise Resilience

Each day’s events are now available to

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