About Ted Brown

Ted Brown, CBCP CBCV MBCI, is President & CEO of KETCHConsulting, a rapidly growing International BCP Consulting Firm. Ted was elected to the Contingency Planning & Management Hall of Fame in 2002; KETCHConsulting was elected in 2007. He was awarded both the Consultant of The Year and Lifetime Achievement Awards in 2017. He is a frequent speaker at all major Business Continuity Conferences, speaking on a variety of subjects. KETCHConsulting’s team includes all senior, certified (CBC/COOPP/ MBC/COOPI), experienced consultants. There are many issues not discussed in this article. If you’d like to discuss them further or need consulting help, Ted can be reached at [email protected] or 1-888-538-2492, or 484-919-2966.