Which Vendor Knows the Best Way for Your BC Planning?

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Having started as a consultancy twenty-five years ago, we learned that software tools should enable the planning process and not force the organization to adapt to the tool. You already know how best to implement planning within your organization, but you need a tool that enables that process and guarantees a high rate of adoption by your user community. We feel there are three keys to achieving this high adoption rate: a simple and intuitive user experience, the flexibility to “do it your way” and adaptability to keep up with changes in the organization.

Most tools were created by a vendor who felt they had a “better way” to approach business continuity, disaster recovery, crisis management, risk and emergency management, or other related disciplines. You already know the best way: it’s YOUR way. You have already defined an approach that “fits” your organization and is culturally appropriate. Using your terminology, concepts and algorithms, it addresses your regulatory requirements, level of granularity, reporting and metrics. Software should facilitate doing planning your way and start with standards compliant, best practice templates.

Organizations and resilience programs are not static. As the creators of the Business Continuity Maturity Model®, we realize that each organization’s program maturity evolves. Congratulations! Management is more engaged because of what you’ve achieved in your program to date. Now they want more – enhanced granularity, more thoughtful analysis, or perhaps better alignment with regulatory changes. A tool based on a vendor’s vision of planning may be appropriate for you today, but will it be appropriate 3 years from now? There is a cycle within which organizations select a tool they think will meet their needs, but in 3 to 5 years that tool is no longer relevant, cannot adapt, and they are looking for another tool.

Do any of the following describe your situation?

  • You haven’t defined what Business Continuity “your way” looks like yet but would like to hit the ground running with standards-compliant planning templates.
  • You have looked at all the tools and found nothing that meets your needs, so you are using MS Office. You get a headache every time the BIA, plans and reports must be updated, and aggregating data is almost impossible.
  • You have invested in a tool, but it no longer meets your needs. There are aspects of your plans you would like to take advantage of, using a more user-friendly approach that will meet your needs now and in the future.

There is a way to simplify planning, improve reporting and inspire your users to provide their input with little or no training – a solution that is simple and can be used, modified and administered in a way that does not consume every waking moment. It can be easily changed to meet your changing environment and continue to do planning your way. Do yourself and your business a favor and contact Virtual Corporation for a demonstration of Sustainable Planner® or sign up for a webinar today. https://www.virtual-corp.com/sustainable-planner/

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