30 Lessons From 30 Years of Crisis Management

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Returning to Work: Hear Valuable Insights From an Employment Lawyer

Attorney and employment law expert Chris Schlag, with AlertMedia’s SVP of Safety Solutions Peter Steinfeld, review key issues to consider as you get your organization back to work. They offer actionable advice on returning to the workplace the right way. The recording is available for viewing at the link below.

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30 Lessons From 30 Years of Crisis Management

Our expert this week is Jonathan Bernstein, who started the first international email newsletter on the topic of crisis management, which now reaches readers in 75 countries. Here are 30 lessons from his 30-year career in crisis management. Each one is a gem of wisdom.

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Business Continuity Institute’s 3rd Community Resilience Volunteer Week (CRVW) from June 14-18

The “Community Resilience Volunteer Week” (CRVW) encourages business continuity and resilience professionals to participate in pro bono work to enable communities to benefit from their valuable skill sets. Pro bono work can help you develop resilience in both a professional and personal capacity while providing you with valuable real-life experience that can positively influence many areas of your career and boost your CV. You can get involved by helping local charities or not for profit organizations with their business continuity plans or volunteer for a charitable cause.


Pooling Risk: How communities can work together to prepare for disasters

 Agreements on shared resources can speed recovery after an emergency.

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Protecting Your Health: Is your organization capable of securing vaccine passport data?

Keeping medical or health data safe offers unique challenges and concerns.

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Under Lockdown: The future of cybersecurity is reduced access

Data protection will require greater restrictions on users, and more thorough efforts to validate those seeking access.

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Making Change: Addressing changes rapidly is critical for business continuity

By addressing change rapidly, companies can ensure they and their employees are better prepared.

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Maintaining Infrastructure: A call for made for critical infrastructure organizations to improve their cybersecurity standards

The recent attack on the Colonial pipeline has drawn attention to cyber vulnerabilities.

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Back to the Beginning: The growth in attacks is increasing the need for improved cyber recovery processes

Identifying critical data and services can help with rapidly restoring normal operations.

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The KOOL Kit. A Perfect Gift!

The KOOL Kit provides 72-hour support for 1 person. It contains long shelf-life food and water. At only $30, it costs less than what you might spend assembling a kit on your own AND it saves you time. Packed in a bag that can be used to keep things KOOL!

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2021 National Hurricane Conference

June 14-17, 2021 -- New Orleans. Improve your hurricane preparedness. A premiere event for strategic BC discussion. Unmatched opportunities to learn from and network with today's industry thought-leaders. Four days of comprehensive educational programming.

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Industry Pulse

The Resilience Landscape: Today's Relationship Between Organizational and Operational Resilience June 30, 2021 - 2:00 p.m. BST/9:00 a.m. EDT

For DRI’s latest webinar we look at the relationship between organizational and operational resilience, and the regulations in-between, with three of the UK’s top professionals:

  • Dr Aaron Gracey, Managing Director of Squared Apples, will introduce listeners to the concept of Organizational Resilience and how organizations should start to review how they develop their frameworks in order to incorporate the capability.
  • Mike Price, Managing Director of Resilius Consulting, will introduce listeners to two new policy and regulatory landscape changes. While they target principally the finance sector, he will explain why they have wider implications into others.
  • Steve Yates, CBCP, Director of Acertia Unlimited, will close the presentation by delineating the relationship between organizational and operational resilience.

NOTE: DRI Certified Professionals can earn one Continuing Education Activity Point (CEAP) toward recertification for attending this presentation.

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