Optimising People in Security

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Effective security relies on people behaving in the right way. This is enabled through an understanding of the threat and a clear understanding of what is required of them. In this way, an organisation’s people play a significant role in the detection, deterrence and prevention of security threats.

The development of an appropriate security culture, where the right security behaviours are adopted by the workforce, is essential to an organisation’s protective security regime. Used the right way, your staff, guard force, contractors, visitors, suppliers and the general public can be a huge force multiplier, at a relatively low cost, in strengthening your resilience to security threats and reducing your vulnerability to attack.

The Cenre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI) has well researched, robust and leading edge tools to support UK CNI organisations with achieving this, including:

  • Identifying security behaviours – how to identify the target security behaviours required from your workforce
  • Developing a security culture – how to instil a security savvy mind-set and culture in your organisation
  • Embedding security behaviour change – CPNI’s free security behaviour campaign materials, as well as how to embed effective behaviour change
  • Professionalising security – how to develop and maintain a professional, motivated, and attentive guard force and CCTV team

More solutions are available on CPNI’s website.

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