Business Continuity Institute Promotes a More Resilient World

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Core Values of the Business Continuity Institute

Professionalism: The BCI is built on the principle of professionalizing BC practice and its work is to promote, underpin and embed that professionalism

Reliability: The BCI is the authoritative, reliable, global source of information on all aspects of Business Continuity theory or practice for professionals and those who have an interest in organizational resilience

Inclusivity: The BCI exists to provide help to anyone worldwide whose work involves any aspect of organizational resilience

BCI Series of Annual Thought Leadership Reports

The Business Continuity Institute (BCI) produces a series of annual thought leadership reports based on industry insights and views that are free to download for the resilience community

BCI Horizon Scan

The BCI’s most popular piece of research looks at the top 10 disruptions of the past 12 months and looks forward to what industry professionals predict will be the biggest threats over the next 12 months. Not surprisingly, cyber attack & data breach is the number 1 threat for 2019 but can you name the rest? The report also covers uptake of ISO 22301, the cost of disruptions, and case studies.

Download the Horizon Scan Report.

BCI Emergency Communications

This report provides some indispensable insights that reveal how organizations are preparing their communications for times of emergency. 67% of respondents would escalate communications to top management within one hour, and 49% think plans fail because of a lack of accurate staff contact information. This report also covers how exercising can help in times of emergency and how emergencies affect the mobile workforce.

Download the Emergency Communications Report.

BCI Continuity and Resilience

Did you know the average cost of a severe business disruption is $350,000, or that more than half of BC professionals believe that current investment levels are not adequate? The findings of the report address a range of issues to measure the impact of business continuity, such as its levels of investment, top management buy-in and its role during a crisis. It emerges that business continuity plays a central role across different scenarios, such as adverse weather, cyber-attacks or the outbreak of a new pandemic.

Download the Continuity and Resilience Report.

BCI Supply Chain

The purpose of this report is largely to answer a number of key questions for organizations around the resilience of their supply chain, in terms of what the current key risks are and how risk and supply chain managers can identify, assess and practically improve the scenarios they face. Through the years, we have seen higher levels of awareness and adoption of best practices, as the majority of the organizations acknowledge the importance of reporting disruptions (73%). There are more organizations that have business continuity arrangements in place in dealing with supply chain (74% to 76%) compared to last year. This tends to have a positive impact on areas such as supply chain visibility and top management commitment.

Download the Supply Chain Report.

BCI Brexit Preparedness

This report has been designed to provide a view of how prepared organizations are across the world to deal with the potential issues that could arise from Britain exiting the EU on 29 March 2019. The public sector appears to be some distance behind their private sector peers in terms of preparedness, just 55% of those surveyed can say with certainty they will keep operations within the UK and a significant minority (14%) have only started thinking about what Brexit might mean to their organization within the past three months.

Download the Brexit Preparedness Report.

BCI Cyber Resilience Report

The best way to protect organizations from one of the greatest threats of our times is to invest in people and preparedness. This report has become an important resource for the business continuity and resilience industry because it helps professionals formulate their cyber resilience strategy and raise awareness across the organization. Business continuity remains key to building cyber resilience. The vast majority of respondents (85%) report that their organizations have business continuity arrangements in place to deal with cyber disruptions.

Download the Cyber Resilience Report

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