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Dr. Bob Chandler is the founder and principal of Emperiria, which provides assessment, evaluation, and strategic performance development as well as training, coaching, consulting, and other organizational performance services to help improve manager and employee performance during both routine and crucial situations. Dr. Chandler provides leadership development training and is the author of the “CrisisMasters©” Leadership program which provides a ten-module curriculum designed to improve leadership performance. Contact Dr. Chandler to learn more or to schedule him as a speaker, coach, or trainer.

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Anticipating Terror Threats

By Robert C. Chandler|2022-06-08T17:39:54+00:00January 10th, 2006|

Because terrorists' tactics are constantly evolving, we can anticipate that they will rely on a wide variety of disruptive and deadly acts in the years ahead. Planners must therefore be prepared for all conceivable terror [...]