About Dr. Glen Kitteringham CPP

Dr. Glen Kitteringham CPP is a security professional working in the industry since 1990. He started his career at The Bay in loss prevention, conducted insurance fraud investigations with Bison Security Group and was a site supervisor with Minion Protection Services. In 1997 he joined Brookfield Properties as Manager, Security & Life Safety and left in 2010 as Director, Security & Life Safety for Western Canada. During his tenure he was instrumental in developing the national security and life safety program.

Dr. Kitteringham provides a variety of consulting services including risk assessments, physical security evaluations, life safety and emergency response planning, mentoring and staff development and security program improvement.

Dr. Kitteringham obtained his professional doctorate in security risk management from the University of Portsmouth in 2017, several 100 and 300-hour certificates in Security Management, Terrorism Awareness, General Management, Adult Learning specializing in Adult and Community Education and Adult Learning Specializing in e-Learning, his Certified Protection Professional (CPP) designation from ASIS International in 2002, his Masters of Science Post-Graduate degree in Security and Crime Risk Management in 2001 and a Diploma in Criminology in 1992 from Mount Royal University.

He has been an adjunct instructor with the University of Calgary since 2008: online classes include ‘Security Administration’, ‘Physical Security Planning’, ‘Managing Investigations’ and ‘Emergency Planning for Industry’. He has instructed since 2010 for the Justice Institute of British Columbia developing and delivering online courses including ‘Introduction to Risk Management’, ‘Developing Strategic Partnerships’, ‘Technology Applications in Emergency & Security Environments’ and ‘Safety & Security Planning for Major Events’. He has several thousand hours experience in creating and delivering a wide variety of courses both in-class and online ranging from one to 200 hours.

His expertise in security and life safety is well recognized internationally. He actively managed more than 8 million square feet of A and AA property with over 100 security staff. He conducted research into Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, Laptop Theft Prevention and Offender Perspectives on Shoplifting, authoring or co-authoring over 150 articles, books and papers on various elements of security and life safety. His book, ‘Security and Life Safety for the Commercial High-Rise’ was published in 2006. He wrote Lost Laptops = Lost Data in 2008.

Professional memberships include ASIS International, International CPTED Association and BOMA Calgary. He is active on the BOMA Calgary Public Safety Committee.

He can be reached at [email protected] or http://ksginc.ca

One Manager, Two Jobs

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I believe that every security manager has two jobs.  Their first is to take care of the day-to-day activities that come with running their security department.  Their second is to consider and plan for the [...]