The Grand Launch

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Three Things to Know About the Grand Launch

  1. May 30th is the date we will start promoting the HUB to the world.

In early April, we launched the HUB into “beta” mode.  That has given us opportunity to work out issues in a LIVE environment with the help of our trusted associates and readers.  Mark your calendars — at the end of May we will join with you and other industry groups to begin promotion “deep and wide” –via email, press releases, direct mail and social media.

  1. Decrease Risk. Increase Resilience.

The Risk and Resilience HUB includes resource for the public and private sectors.  We built it for you – professionals in the disciplines of business continuity, crisis management, disaster recovery, emergency management, governance, risk and compliance.  The HUB is the culmination of 30+ years of communicating resources and connecting people via the Disaster Resource GUIDE and the Continuity eGUIDE.

Want to know more about the mission and the HUB offerings?  Read about our vision and offerings >>

  1. We Need Your Help

There are three basic ways you can help us.  The first way is to visit the site, sign up for a free Collaborator membership and then help us test all the sections.  Give us feedback – things you like, areas to improve and places that don’t work well.  And, by the way, don’t forget to upload your picture and a background to your profile.

The second way is to get involved.  Post questions on the forum, reply to topics posted, post an event, join a group.  Also, we are looking for group leaders for industry verticals such as Healthcare, Financials, Manufacturing, etc.

The last way to help is to share the news with your team, industry associates and via social media.  If our eGUIDE readers reach out to personal networks, the HUB has a chance to grow quickly and meaningfully.

The Risk and Resilience HUB is for you — with your involvement, the best is yet to come!

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About the Author: Kathy Rainey

Kathy Rainey founded the Emergency Lifeline Corporation in 1985 to address the earthquake preparedness needs of businesses and communities. She is the publisher of the Disaster Resource Guide, Continuity eGUIDE and the Risk and Resilience Hub. Connect with Kathy via email at [email protected]