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Kits for the Road Kits for Road Kits for Workplace Kits for Home Kits for Workplace Kits for School

Emergency Lifeline – the Preparedness Expert Since 1985

Emergency Lifeline was founded in 1985 by Kathy Gannon Rainey with the purpose of helping businesses, schools, families and individuals prepare for 72-hour self-sufficiency. Since that time, the company has expanded the product line to include preparedness supplies for any type of disaster, including natural and man-made. Emergency Lifeline now works with organizations throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and overseas. The company also publishes the internationally distributed Disaster Resource GUIDE and is the founder of the digital platform, Risk & Resilience HUB. These valuable resources can help organizations and government agencies prepare for emergencies.

Our Distinctives

We are one of the first companies dedicated to helping businesses, communities and families prepare for earthquakes or emergencies of any type. 

Since 1985, we have worked with many Fortune 500 companies, school districts, and government agencies to become prepared, within limited budgets.

We offer only top quality products designed to protect your colleagues, loved ones, and community members. We want you to be thrilled with your purchase!

K1230 – Corporate Kit, 10 Persons

Our most popular all-round kit for the office with food, water, first aid, sanitation, lighting and more for 10 people, 3 days. Packed in a sturdy duffel that fits in a file cabinet.

K1300 – Auto Backpack Kit

This kit is designed for one or two people to be stored in a car. Food, water, blanket, lighting and other supplies are in a handy backpack if travel on foot becomes necessary. 

K1420 – Premium Family Kit

Protect your family with a comprehensive survival kit, designed for 4 people to survive 3 days. Long shelf life food and water with a deluxe first aid kit, radio, lighting and more.

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Emergency Lifeline – helping businesses, homes, schools since 1985!

Check out our full line of business, home, and school preparedness supplies. We have solutions for any budget.
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