The Center for Global Enterprise 2018 Year in Review

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Our mission at the Center for Global Enterprise (CGE) is to advance and make globally accessible contemporary management learning. Toward that goal, we have sought to offer innovative applied learning models to business leaders from around the world based upon the conviction that knowledge sharing among the most senior and most engaged business leaders can produce a better condition for developed and emerging economies alike.

As CGE enters its sixth year, we have engaged with CEOs from every hemisphere, convened large and small businesses, and embraced new approaches to learning that provide global and free access to world-class experts on leading-edge topics.

Looking at the year ahead, we are proud of the impact our non-profit organization has made on the lives of many current and future business leaders, and will expand this impact by continuing to deepen learning across key areas of management responsibilities and technology, including digital supply chains, cyber readiness, platform business models, artificial intelligence/machine learning, and African entrepreneurship, to cite just some of the programs CGE will be engaged in over the next few months.

As you will read ahead, we are excited to launch an important new program we are calling New Enlightenment. The challenge — and opportunity — of our time is to turn advancements in technology, business, and society, into instruments of trust, transparency, security, democratization, and empowerment. Over the coming months, you will hear more about this exciting program.

Cyber Readiness Institute

The Cyber Readiness Institute (CRI) convenes senior leaders of companies from across sectors to identify and share best practices for improving cyber readiness among small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in order to secure global value chains. In July 2018, nineteen SMBs from different sectors and geographic regions tested the Cyber Readiness Program, which provides accessible tools for creating a culture of security in order to improve the cyber readiness of SMBs. The pilot enabled CRI to refine the Program before launching it at a press event in December

2018. The Program will be distributed globally, via a network of Cyber Readiness “Champions” – companies, industry groups, chambers of commerce, and universities – throughout 2019. Through its global network of Champions, CRI will aim to get the Program into the hands of more than one million SMBs in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East this year.

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