Recalibrating Active Shooter Preparedness Plans for Today’s Threats

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Recalibrating Active Shooter Preparedness Plans for Today’s Threats

The active shooter threat is dynamic and complex. There is a clear upward trend in the number of active shooter incidents each year. Leaders and decision-makers must understand and anticipate the entire lifecycle of an active shooter incident, not simply plan or train for the minutes of terror between ‘shots fired’ and ‘shooter down’. Steve Crimando, with more than 30 years of frontline field experience, outlines seven steps and 3 phases to mature an organization’s active shooter plans.

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Dun & Bradstreet Global Business Risk Report (GBRR)

The Dun & Bradstreet Global Business Risk Report (GBRR) ranks the biggest threats to business based on each risk scenario’s potential impact on companies, assigning a score to each risk. The scores from the top ten risks are used to calculate an overall Global Business Impact (GBI) score. The latest GBI score increased to 315 in Q2 2022, following a marked worsening in the risk environment, indicating that the outlook for doing cross-border business remains challenging. Supply-chain shocks, geopolitics and inflation feature among the top risks.

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A Worldwide Problem: A study published in Nature looks into whether disasters around the world are driving adaptive actions in cities

Covering 549 cities, the study looks at the effects of both disaster frequency and severity.

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Creating Concern: What can you do to get your employees interested in cybersecurity

With humans being the weak link in many security plans, it’s important to convince them of the importance of their actions.

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Sending Help: The Extension Disaster Education Network looks to help coordinate the delivery of services to those hit by disaster

Led by the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, EDEN was created in response to the 1993 flooding of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers.

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Small Help: Scientists in Tanzania are training rats to help with search and rescue missions after disasters

Carrying backpacks, the animals are trained to trigger a switch when they find someone needing assistance.

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The Price of Protection: High gas prices are changing how first responders react to routine calls

New policies are being written to minimize driving to protect budgets.

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Unknowingly a Target: SMBs are frequently finding themselves the victims of cybersecurity threats, without a proper plan for recovery

Even small companies need a plan in place for how they’ll react if they find themselves hacked.

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Survival Kit I From the Preparedness Pioneer!

YOU can HELP the people in your organization prepare. The Survival Kit I supplies basic necessities for the first 72 critical hours after a disaster. It provides single person essentials in a compact, durable backpack, for hands-free mobility.

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Watch Presentations: DRII’s 2022 Resilience Excellence Summit

DRI’s latest web event is now available on its website – three days of deep-dive presentations on current and future risks, building your BCM program, cyber resilience, and more. And get to hear from the winners of this year’s DRI Awards!

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DRI International's Jobs Page Find the Right Resilience Professional for Your Organization!

Are you on the hunt for qualified resilience professionals that will improve your organization? Do you have an open position that’s calling for a DRI Certified Professional to fill? You can post job listings on the Hiring section of DRI’s website! Send in your requirements to find the right candidate for the job..

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The 2022 Homeland Security Human Factors Summer Institute

Now more than ever, powerful emotions, attitudes, and beliefs are shaping the threat landscape and behavioral response to disasters and emergencies. From concerns about active shooters and mass violence to the ongoing pandemic, heat emergencies, wildfires, storms, acts of civil unrest, and domestic extremism, the dynamic threat landscape calls for decision-makers and responders to have a comprehensive understanding of the often surprising behavior of people in crisis conditions.

The summer schedule allows Behavioral Science Applications LLC to offer some of our most popular and useful training programs in a condensed 8-week institute format. The eight one-hour classes are offered individually and as a certificate program. Just in time for the warm weather, those who register for the entire series will receive our Homeland Security Human Factors 2022 Summer Institute ‘warrior-scholar’ T-shirt! For groups larger than 10, please call or email for pricing options.

Participants can join the live instructor-led online classes each Wednesday from July 13 through August 31 at 1:00 PM (ET), or view the recorded programs at their convenience. Attendance to the live classes is not required for the certificate program.

Give yourself a strategic and tactical advantage by applying accurate behavioral assumptions in all of your emergency and security-related preparedness, response, and recovery efforts.

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