Responding to Shooting Threats: Strategies for Schools

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Responding to Shooting Threats: Strategies for Schools

Psychologist Dr. Jillian Peterson and sociologist Dr. James Densley co-founded the Violence Project, a nonprofit, nonpartisan research center dedicated to reducing violence in society and using data and analysis to improve policy and practice. Their expertise includes gun violence, violent extremism, cyber violence, trauma and mental illness, street gangs and youth violence. Their research on mass shootings, funded by the National Institute of Justice, has received global media attention. This important webinar presents key findings of their research.

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2022 State of Risk Report

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Helping in the Aftermath: Two emergency funds have been set up to help the victims and families of the Uvalde school shooting

One fund will provide direct assistance to victims, while the second will fund non-profits providing long-term assistance

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Talking about Disasters: Social media platforms offer a common point for communication during emergencies

Over 70% of Americans turn to social media for information after a disaster

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A Deluge of Calls: Environment and Climate Change Canada issues its first emergency phone alert

The alert was sent to cellular phones in Ontario and Quebec in response to a thunderstorm with winds exceeding 130 km/hour (80 mph)

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Check and Double Check: Twelve items your disaster recovery plan should include

While it’s good to have a backup ready to go, there’s a lot more to ensuring you’re reading to act when disaster strikes

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Turnover Trouble: Almost a third of companies have experienced business continuity challenges caused by employees not handing over their passwords before departing

Many companies continue to face challenges with password management for critical systems

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Pop Culture Meets Disaster Education: A decade later, the CDC’s Zombie Apocalypse training is fondly remembered

The training represented an early attempt to engage people in disaster preparedness through pop culture

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Article Out Loud - Stop the Bleed Training for Immediate Responders

WED, MAY 18, 2022

By ANDY ALTIZER, An Article Out Loud from the Domestic Preparedness Journal.

When an injury causes a life-threatening bleed, minutes matter. There may not be enough time for first responders to arrive on the scene, so immediate responders are needed. Knowing how to respond to this type of injury and being able to stop the bleeding are skills that everyone should learn. This article explains why and how to do that.

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