The Great Resignation Risk

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Building a Culture of Resilience

Understanding dynamic risk and preparing to respond to the unexpected is crucial to building a culture of resilience within your organization.

Ann Pickren and Nickolis Castillo, South Plains College Executive Director of Administrative Services, discuss how he built a culture of resilience during the pandemic and beyond.

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The Great Resignation Risk

While many are focused on issues like cyber, saying it is perhaps the greatest source of risk to an organization today, globally recognized risk management thought leader, Norman Marks, believes there are greater sources of concern. One of these has been in the news over the last months, called the Great Resignation. He discusses the role that risk and audit practitioners can play, helping management navigate the challenge. What do you think?

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In the Know...

Horizon Scan Report: Considering the Top Threats for 2022

The Business Continuity Institute has released its 2022 Horizon Scan report, which looks at the top risks and threats that have faced organizations over the past 12 months and those that are expected to sit at the top of the agenda over the coming years. Participants for the report listed non-occupational disease as the most impactful event for 2021 and it is once again the largest concern for organizations this year. A concern is that practitioners frequently focus on those risks that have occurred in the previous year rather than considering the broader risk environment.

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Warming Up: A Canadian report recommends considering extreme heat as a natural disaster

Heat waves in recent years have been responsible for a significant number of deaths.

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A Corrupt Mind: As AI grows in use, the possibility of people training it with deliberately flawed data also grows

By poisoning the data set used in machine learning, a hacker could make their attacks undetectable.

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Rising Waters: New Zealand unveils a plan to harden the nation’s cities to rising sea levels

The proposals include limits on where people can build, and changes to the financial system to reduce the impacts of future disasters.

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A Lack of Concern: Many cybersecurity threats are driven by indifference, rather than technical matters

An emphasis needs to be placed on considering human behavior when building your cybersecurity plans.

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The High Cost of Hacks: A new study finds the cost of paying a ransom is only a small fraction of the financial impacts of a ransomware attack

The total cost of a ransomware attack is often seven times that of any ransom demands.

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Moving Earth: The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation is looking to provide disaster management training to those living in areas prone to landslides

The proposal is at least partially in response to multiple landslides in India last year where there was a lack of access to machinery and rescue teams.

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DRJ's Fall Conference: The Evolution of Resilience September 11 - 14, 2022 Phoenix

The largest event dedicated to managing risk and resiliency in 2022. Reduce downtime. Increase workplace safety. More secure data. Reduce overall risk. New skills.

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Industry Pulse

BC Management Announces 13th Business Continuity Trends Study

The 13th Edition Business Continuity Trends 2022 Study is now live. The input of all business continuity professionals will help this globally recognized tool survey, assess, and report on specific attitudes and findings as they relate to the discipline of Business Continuity Management (BCM).

The study is being conducted in partnership with Castellan Solutions. The survey will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.

Study participants will receive data findings on program maturity differentiators, program sponsorship & reporting structures, dedicated budget and personnel, alignment to standards, and valuable trends collected from over 10 years. Additionally, all survey participants will have their BCM Program Maturity score rating which will be calculated at the end of the study.

Participation in the survey is complimentary and confidential. The final report will be published in July, 2022, and all participants will receive a complimentary copy of the findings.

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