Preparing Your Network for Workplace Hybridity

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Resilience Excellence Summit

DRI International will host the Resilience Excellence Summit – a free online event May 2-4, 2022. The Summit will include educational sessions, continuing education and celebration of the resilience community completely online. Each day over two hours, you will find in-depth online presentations on hot topics like Ukraine, supply chain, and cyber resilience.

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Preparing Your Network for Workplace Hybridity

As more companies move to a work environment that encompasses traditional office space and remote workers, it’s essential to understand the impact on your network. Your network is expected to deliver strong performance and high availability within budget constraints and business priorities. Tommy Rainey tells us more.

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Gartner Identifies Top Security and Risk Management Trends for 2022

Security and risk management leaders must address seven top trends to protect the ever-expanding digital footprint of modern organizations against new and emerging threats in 2022 and beyond, according to Gartner, Inc. “The pandemic accelerated hybrid work and the shift to the cloud, challenging CISOs to secure an increasingly distributed enterprise – all while dealing with a shortage of skilled security staff.” These challenges lend themselves to three overarching trends impacting cybersecurity practices: (i) new responses to sophisticated threats, (ii) the evolution and reframing of the security practice and (iii) rethinking technology. The identified trends will have broad industry impact across those three domains.

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Under Attack: Ukrainian IT professionals talk about the challenges of working in a war zone

Under the most adverse conditions possible, people are splitting time between defending their nation and keeping services up and running.

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Back to School: Public Schools in the United States are largely unready for extreme weather events

Investment is needed to prepare them for potential disasters, and the potential effects of climate change.

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Hardened Defenses: The Russian invasion of Ukraine is also expected to result in an uptick in cyberattacks worldwide

Some ransomware gangs have even announced their intentions to focus on governments taking part in sanctions against Russia.

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Cloud Chasing: Care needs to be taken when building a disaster recovery plan for hybrid cloud environments

The blending of public clouds with private infrastructure can lead to delays and challenges when attempting to restore environments.

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The Stress of Strain: New research shows a strong link between natural disasters and mental health

Depression was a common outcome from exposure to disaster, particularly for those in vulnerable groups or communities.

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Thinking About Threats: A business continuity plan is only as good as the threats it considers

Recent events have shown the importance of considering geopolitical threats in your business continuity planning.

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Office Kit on Wheels 20 Person

This deluxe kit is packed in a yellow 50 gallon container on wheels with a locking mechanism and will assist in meeting most needs of survival, food, medical, sanitation, light, warmth and communication for up to 20 persons. Your staff will thank you.

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Continuity Insights Management Conference

Louisville, KY. Just a few days away: April 25-27. You will gain insight, inspiration, and actionable ideas presented by a faculty of leading BC experts and practitioners. Share best practices, lessons learned, and effective strategies.

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The Evolution of Resilience: DRJ’s 67th Conference, Phoenix, September 11 - 14

Disaster Recovery Journal invites you to attend and enjoy the programming, the networking, the exhibitor demos and more. at DRJ Fall 2022 – The Evolution of Resilience. DRJ has designed their 67th conference to meet the needs of you, their valued attendees. Download the conference guide. It is loaded with the information that will help you organize your time and get the most out of DRJ Fall 2022.

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