What's Going on Right Now with Cyber Insurance?

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In today’s world, staying in business – and more importantly, staying profitable – requires organizations to prepare for more frequent and severe crises. Despite looming threats such as severe weather, active shooters and cyberattacks, we aren’t powerless.

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What's Going on Right Now with Cyber Insurance?

The cyber world is rocking right now. Ransomware is off the charts. You can’t go more than a few days without news of another major attack from Colonial Pipeline to Kaseya to T-Mobile!

Find answers and insights in the first of seven episodes of the new podcast series – “The Resilient Journey”. Podcast host Mark Hoffman and Marsh Cyber Practice Leader Kaitlin Upchurch discuss the challenges rocking the cyber world and what you need to know about insurance.
Kaitlin is a senior insurance broker and a risk advisor focused on corporate cybersecurity risk management. Listen as she explains what’s going on now with cyber insurance.

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BCI Crisis Management Report 2021

The Business Continuity Institute’s new Crisis Management report focuses on the emerging crisis management trends brought to the forefront after COVID-19. The centralization of key strategic processes along with the ability to communicate these processes through layers of central, regional, and country level teams was the key to a successful crisis management structure. The report explains how a more collaborative approach to crisis and staff health & wellbeing are now considered as an integral part of a crisis response; indicating that many organizations have realized that without healthy staff - who are fully engaged and have good channels of communication - a response is much less likely to be effective.

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Underwater and Overwhelmed: Scientists investigate the conditions that made the recent floods in Germany so severe

Damage from the floods was far in excess of what was predicted by existing models.

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Underpowered: Electrical utilities need to rethink how they prepare for disasters

With power cuts becoming more common, planning and preparation needs to be updated to add the right kinds of robustness.

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Service Denied: DDoS are growing in frequency and severity

Cyber criminals are becoming increasingly inventive in finding ways to overwhelm defenses.

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Mechanical Assistants: The University of Michigan is training robots to help in terrain too dangerous for first responders

Funded by a grant from the NSF, the training will help robots recognize and avoid obstacles based on real-time data.

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A Social Disaster: How Social Media can be best used to identify critical information after a hurricane

Businesses and organizations should carefully review these messages to help shape their messages and identify areas of need.

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Coming Home: FEMA offers a tip sheet on what to look for when returning to your place of residence after a disaster

Both outside and in, it’s important to use caution to ensure your safety.

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Survival Kit I From the Preparedness Pioneer!

YOU can HELP the people in your organization prepare. The Survival Kit I supplies basic necessities for the first 72 critical hours after a disaster. It provides single person essentials in a compact, durable backpack, for hands-free mobility. Add customized items to create the total preparedness go bag you can count on when you need to head out fast.

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Big News About DRJ Fall 2021 Virtual (October 11-14)

Continuity Insights and DRJ collaborate on DRJ Fall 2021: A Virtual Experience. DRJ’s 65th conference, "Resiliency in a Time of Building," includes 65 sessions and 85 presenters. Reduce downtime, increase safety, secure your data, and reduce your overall risk. Do not miss this opportunity. You can download the ROI tool kit.

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From Commercial Risk Online – WORTH A READ: Watershed Moment for Supply Chain Risk as Disruption Set to Worsen

Recent months have seen unprecedented supply chain disruption, impacting almost all sectors and hindering the economic recovery after the end of Covid-19 lockdowns. The pandemic and a wave of power shortages in Asia have hit production, while the post-lockdown boom has caused a surge in demand for raw materials and goods, contributing to long delays in shipping. Adding to the pressure, severe shortages of labor are affecting many industries, not least the UK transport sector where a shortage of lorry drivers as a result of Brexit has led to panic-buying of food and petrol.

Disruption is expected to continue for the foreseeable future and potentially worsen, experts agree.

“It is not over yet, not even close to it,” warned Hayley Robinson, group chief underwriting officer at Zurich Insurance. “Certain products will run out in the coming months and seasonal items might arrive too late. Production and logistics will need a while to get back to normal. Or perhaps we even need to find out first what normal is in 2022,” she said.

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