Managing Stress, Leading, and Serving Through Crises

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What Does Resiliency Mean to Organizations?

Critical event management systems will play a lead role in organization resiliency, as former Federal Chief Information Officer Suzette Kent knows first-hand. In her April, 2021, keynote speech at the OnSolve Nexus conference, Kent addressed how to manage uncertainty in the coming year and beyond. Building trust and the use of technology, especially in light of the events of 2020 and 2021, are some of the subjects covered in this eBook.

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Managing Stress, Leading, and Serving Through Crises

Today, more than plans and technical skills, it is commonly admitted that leadership is behavior-based and that emotional intelligence, which includes having strong soft skills, is the key to lead efficiently, especially during crises. Crisis management expert Alexandra Hoffmann outlines how pursuing a model of “servant leadership” along with stress management will improve team performance in a crisis management environment.

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What Keeps You Up at Night? How Has Your Organization Managed COVID-19 and Other Top Risks?

From predictable concerns like extreme weather or cyber attacks to the continuing threat of COVID-19, resilience professionals have no shortage of issues to focus on. What’s at the top of your list? Take this short survey to let DRI International know what’s keeping you up at night! Your replies are a critical component of the DRI Future Vision Committee’s upcoming 7th annual Trends and Predictions Reports. Each year, these reports document the risks faced by the resilience community, and how they may evolve. Both the industry and the media use these reports to gain key insights and analysis of the global factors that are shaping the industry, what to expect, and how to prepare.

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Burning Out: Has the increasing number of disasters caused us to run out of empathy?

Under pressure for an extended period, many individuals are finding themselves having depleted their emotional reserves.

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Back In Class: With students returning to school, it’s time to refresh them on cybersecurity practices

The refresher also needs to extend to their schools, to make sure student privacy is protected.

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The Art of Preservation: Museums and Galleries find themselves under pressure from climate disasters

Wildfires and floods across Canada have caused cultural institutions to consider what to save and what to leave.

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Over Board: How the board of directors should be involved in incident response

Board engagement can help with both risk management and corporate strategies.

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The Price of Failure: A failed disaster recovery event can result in both disruptions to operations, and legal consequences

Emphasis should always be placed on support of critical resources.

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Office Kit on Wheels 20 Person

This deluxe kit is packed in a yellow 50 gallon container on wheels with a locking mechanism and will assist in meeting most needs of survival, food, medical, sanitation, light, warmth and communication for up to 20 persons. Your staff will thank you.

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DRJ Fall 2021 Virtual (October 11-14)

DRJ’s 65th conference includes 65 sessions and 85 presenters. After careful consideration, DRJ has made the decision to deliver DRJ Fall 2021 virtually. Do not miss this opportunity. You can download the ROI tool kit at the link below.

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September 16 Webinar The Future of Business Continuity and Resilience: The Emerging Landscape

The BCI is pleased to announce the launch of its new report, The Future of Business Continuity and Resilience 2021. BCI published a similar report a year ago when most organizations were heavily involved in their response to the COVID-19 pandemic. As the world begins to see the green shoots emerging, BCI was keen to learn if practitioners’ sentiments have changed and also asking new questions which have become pertinent as we move into the recovery phase.

To register for this event please log in to your BCI website profile. If you do not have a website profile, please register at the link below.

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