The 7 Deadly Sins We All Should Avoid

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Return to Travel— Staying on Top of Travel Risk Management in 2021 & Beyond

Is your organization equipped to keep travelers safe, healthy and well informed—whether you’re new to travel risk management or revising your current program to meet the needs of today’s evolving travel environment?
This webinar reviews the key components of a travel risk management program, what has changed in the past year, and more.

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The 7 Deadly Sins We All Should Avoid

Cyber thieves are on the prowl and they set themselves apart from typical thieves in several different ways. Andy Ziegler and Al Irizarry discuss the simple ways individuals and businesses can protect themselves. They outline 7 deadly cybersecurity sins that most individuals commit daily, leaving themselves wide open to be destroyed. How does your daily cyber use measure up?

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Executive Presence & Boardroom Gravitas Compliance & Ethics Effectiveness at the Highest Levels No-cost Webinar: June 29, 1 PM Eastern

Learn how data, metrics, and strategic influence can amplify your voice to the board and grow impact, budget, and respect for your compliance program. The Ethics and Compliance Space is constantly changing, and executives are more open to E&C leadership than ever before. The recent pandemic, social unrest, and increasingly vocal workforces are all reasons that companies should be focused on improving their programs. But waiting to be invited to the conversation is a recipe for continued slow progress. Don’t miss this OCEG discussion that will dive into high-impact ways to strategically influence your board and executives to support an authentically vibrant ethics program.

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Sourcing Information: In an emergency, separating good information from bad is critical

Recognizing the reliability of a source can be the difference between success and disaster.

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On The Road Again: As business travel returns, consider what you need to do to maintain your cybersecurity

Increased reliance on mobile devices can expose you to increased risk.

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From the Community: In deploying assistance after a humanitarian disaster, it’s best to involve local leadership

Recent research emphasizes the importance of localization in effective humanitarian assistance.

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Out of the Fire: A national Canadian survey looks into the state of business disaster preparedness

Coming five years after the wildfire which devastated Fort McMurray, higher levels of readiness are seen in Alberta organizations.

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Three Strikes: Considering these three key reasons you need to revisit your disaster recovery

A constantly evolving business environment is putting increased pressures on continuity and recovery planning.

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A State of Security: State and local governments look to improve their cybersecurity protocols

Lawmakers are looking to pass new legislation to improve minimum standards and better protect resources.

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The KOOL Kit. A Perfect Gift!

The KOOL Kit provides 72-hour support for 1 person. It contains long shelf-life food and water. At only $30, it costs less than what you might spend assembling a kit on your own AND it saves you time. Packed in a bag that can be used to keep things KOOL!

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DRJ's 65th Conference: Resiliency in a Time of Rebuilding September 19 - 22, 2021 Phoenix

The largest event dedicated to managing risk and resiliency in 2021. Reduce downtime. Increase workplace safety. More secure data. Reduce overall risk. New skills.

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Industry Pulse

The Resilience Landscape: Today's Relationship Between Organizational and Operational Resilience June 30, 2021 - 2:00 p.m. BST/9:00 a.m. EDT

For DRI’s latest webinar we look at the relationship between organizational and operational resilience, and the regulations in-between, with three of the UK’s top professionals:

  • Dr Aaron Gracey, Managing Director of Squared Apples, will introduce listeners to the concept of Organizational Resilience and how organizations should start to review how they develop their frameworks in order to incorporate the capability.
  • Mike Price, Managing Director of Resilius Consulting, will introduce listeners to two new policy and regulatory landscape changes. While they target principally the finance sector, he will explain why they have wider implications into others.
  • Steve Yates, CBCP, Director of Acertia Unlimited, will close the presentation by delineating the relationship between organizational and operational resilience.

NOTE: DRI Certified Professionals can earn one Continuing Education Activity Point (CEAP) toward recertification for attending this presentation.

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