NFPA 1600 2019 Edition: A Resource for Every Practitioner and Auditor

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Critical Issues in Crisis Communication

A new resource is this special electronic edition of the Disaster Resource GUIDE, focusing on some of the critical issues in crisis communications. Articles address the challenges of getting employee buy-in and seven secrets to help, unique problems and opportunities of weather events, instant messaging apps being used and misused, the true cost of waiting to implement a notifications solution, and more!

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NFPA 1600 2019 Edition: A Resource for Every Practitioner and Auditor

This standard, the most mature of its kind, defines the inter-connected elements of a preparedness program including program management, risk assessment, business impact analysis, loss prevention/hazard mitigation, emergency management, business continuity, crisis management, and crisis communications. Donald Schmidt explains.

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Cyber Resilience Q&A Webinar: The Answers to Your Compelling Questions — Coming June 26!

Complex and often confounding, all things cyber resilience are challenging continuity and resilience professionals worldwide. Attend this webinar for a frank and informative discussion of challenges and solutions.


Workplace Warning: Active Shooter Preparedness Focuses On Coworker Involvement

As active shooter situations become more prevalent, preparedness solutions now include coworker reporting.

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Earthquake Evaluation: A New Way To Measure Magnitude

A new study shows a different method of measuring earthquake magnitudes.

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Companies Turn To White Hat Hackers To Locate Bugs In Their Security Defenses

Large companies turn to ethical hackers to track down potential loopholes in their security.

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California Wildfires Teach Lessons In Rethinking Disaster Recovery

Experts revisit traditional disaster recovery thinking after California Camp Fire situation.

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Business Continuity Lessons: What C-Suite Executives Need To Consider For Incident Management

What challenges C-suite executives need to consider to keep their business running in times of disaster.

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Ransomware Hits Baltimore: How City Officials Are Dealing With The Attack

Baltimore Gets Hit By Hackers.

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helped the Royal Mint recover from smoke and fire damage. Although the process was challenging, BELFOR delivered in good time and on budget, all while production work continued in the plant even as the cleanup crews were working.

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DRJ Presents its 61st Conference in Phoenix

Sept. 29th - Oct. 2nd, 2019. Gain the skills and knowledge via a robust program. “Innovations in Managing Risk and Resiliency " ensures you're equipped for today's disruptions and tomorrow's emerging threats.

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Industry Pulse

BCI Supply Chain Resilience - 10 Year Trend Analysis

The BCI announces the release of the Supply Chain Resilience Report with a 10 year trend analysis. After extensive research by the BCI, the report answers a number of key questions for organizations around the resilience of their supply chain, in terms of what the current and emerging key risks are and what organizations can learn from the past 10 years of research.

The report will also support risk and supply chain managers in the identification and assessment of various scenarios and, while not all risks can be avoided, the information will help develop effective loss mitigation and reduction strategies. The report is now available online.

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